Ok, so you're probably expecting to read how much I love photography and whatever everybody else says. It's true, I do and they probably do too, but that's not what motivates me. 

I like creating new things. Anything! But photography is my forte. I can honestly say I'm very good at creating images.

I believe in being nice to people and, when people are nice to me, I go above and beyond to help them in whatever it is.  

I am dedicated to bringing the best out of a shoot and I pride myself on providing a professional, knowledgeable, imaginative and friendly service tailored to suit each client’s needs. 

I studied Journalism in Brazil, but I started my career assisting a very famous fashion photographer. After my first day I forgot all about photojournalism and fell in love with portraiture. I was an assistant for a long time and slowly started shooting for magazines and getting my own clients. Then, out of the blue, I decided to move to England and I started everything from scratch again. Here I am now, 10 years later, working with a wide range of commercial and editorial clients as well as some record labels.  

I've worked for a lot of people, publications, brands and agencies throughout my life and have been fortunate enough to work alongside a vast number of very talented professionals.  I am indeed a incredibly lucky person. 

I hope you like this website, where I display some of the pictures I'm very proud of. 

I'm available for commissions, for chats and random games of Mario Kart.  

I'm based in London, but I take commissions all around the world. 

Willie Runte

+44 (0) 7878079411 

[email protected]


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